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From: Gia To * ThuyLinh Nguyen* Michelle Hong-Yen Vo

From: Michelle Hong-Yen Vo 
Subject: Adoption needed
Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010, 8:50 AM

Dear All,

I just received a phone call from CPS/Law office saying that they're looking for a Vietnamese couple or single parent to adopt 2 children. One 5 year old boy and the other is a 6 year old girl. The story I've been told is that the mother has been moving from town to town and not wanting to take care of her children. Their father was working on a shrimp boat and is also an alcoholic.

CPS found the children wondering the streets alone. They are currently in a Caucasian foster home, but they speak very little English. CPS called for help from our Vietnamese Community to open our hearts and help find homes for these children.

Their father is currently in jail for danger abandonment of the children and he is willing to give up his parental rights so that the children can be adopted. These kids are hungry - hungry for food, love, and a caring family.

Please, if you know anyone willing to consider adoption, contact me at 832-475-5604.


"If we imagine rainbows in the middle of the darkest storm, then we know the beauty of hope...

" Thank you for all you do to end domestic violence.

Michelle Vo
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