Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 3, 2010


1. Chinese Magician
From: Cau Do* Hoang ton Hung
Nha ao thuat Trung Hoa ...that la tai ! nhung cung nhu nha ao thuat Nhat ban bieu dien man bat ca kieng trong tu kinh ma chung ta da co dip xem truoc day.
2. Dancing Filipino Prison Inmates.
From:huy nguyen* Hai Tung
Nhung  nhung nha" ao thuat " that dac biet .. da bien  1500 tu nhan hung han o trai tu Phi Luat Tan -noi tieng hay bao loan-  thanh mot doan vu co hang va mot nha tu co ky luat.

After a riot in this Philippine prison, the warden started making the prisoners dance.They practiced 4 hours a day and do a show for the public once a month.  They did a Michael Jackson tribute 10 hours after he died. It made it on Youtube.
After that, Michael Jackson’s choreographer and two of the pro dancers went to the prison and danced with 1500 of the prisoners (the link below).
Oh! By the way, there hasn’t been a violent incident in the prison since the program started 3 years ago.