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Meditation for Beginners–Simple Steps                                                                                                     
 1. How to meditate                                                                           
2.Meditation provides you with peace, acumen (1), and
 It effectively relaxes your body as well as your mind. Whenever you undergo feelings of extreme anger or depression, it’s a great idea to meditate for calming yourself.
To learn meditation, you have to first master the art of it. Here are some easy meditation tips for you depicted as step by step practice.
Pick a quiet spot
Choosing a place inside your children’s playroom is not the best bet you have for meditating. If possible, choose a spot outdoor under a tree or just in the outdoor shade you have at your backyard. At times that gets you closer to the rhythm of nature. Moreover, in winter – you may consider meditating in your living room. But be sure that you’re not disturbed by anyone or anything at that time.
Always make sure your back is straight. Never lie down during mediation because most of the time, you will fall asleep. It is a good idea to get into a good habit of perfect posture before you start meditating.
Meditate when you’re not sleepy
Meditation is all about working with your senses. For striking up the sense of full alertness as you meditate, you have to be in entirely awake stance. Your goal will be to produce a positive and calm feeling following the meditation session.
During meditation
Most people keep their legs crossed together. You also see them keeping the palms facing each other. But the fact is, you have the liberty to do that in any manner you wish. The idea here is to be in the most relaxed pose while maintaining a fine posture – just as mentioned earlier. Ensure that you close the eyes as you begin. Let them remain closed throughout the session.
Take normal, yet deep breaths
A part of your meditation approach is to keep normal, yet steady breathing. If you’re undergoing breathing that sounds raspy, or abnormal – that’s fine. The main issue that matters is that, whether you’re learning the art of being conscious of your own body as well as mind. Breathing will also help you relax.
Goal of the single thought
Your mind happens to be one of the most complicated things in the universe. But if you focus on one thing, you’re actually setting aside the entire stream of your scattered, uncontrolled thoughts, which keep you under worry and stress. This would also answer your questions that you have regarding the future. As you step into more advanced stage of meditation, you’ll learn how to withdraw your focus from unwanted issues whatsoever. Getting to that level is arduous nevertheless. But it sure is doable.
Finally, you have to keep practicing whatever you have learnt from books, online programs or meditation classes. What you get there is purely theoretical. You keep exploring the dynamics as you carry on your practice ./.

(1) acumen: ability to think clearly and quckly and to make correct tiep/ linh loi,
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