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Tuy đã tốt nghiệp về kinh tê hoc, nhưng từ 2008 Ông Mark Boyle  đã theo gợi ý của thánh Cam Đia nhất tâm sống tự lực cánh sinh ,tuyệt đối không cần đến tiền bạc.
tien khong

Ông cho biết thời gian làm “tiên khồng” ông lại thấy sung sướng nhất trong đời ông.Và ông không muốn trở về với cuộc sống văn minh của bà “tiên huyền” nửa.
Mark Boyle có viết một cuốn sách ghi những trải nghiệm của mình(1) .Quí bạn nào muốn thọ giới hãy mau mau tìm đọc.
Mark Boyle - Living without money

Sat Aug 28, 3:24 PM Michael BolenYahoo! Canada News
Inspired by Gandhi's famous words to be the change you wish to see in the world,Mark Boyle the economics graduate from the U.K. has been living entirely without money since 2008.
He has written a book about the experience titled(1) 'The Moneyless Man: A Year of Freeconomic Living' in order to share both the philosophy which led to his drastic decision and the tactics he has used to survive.
Living in a trailer given to him for free by someone on, Boyle cooks food which he either grows himself, barters for or forages from the land. He bathes in a solar shower, uses a compost toilet and even makes his own paper.
Despite his challenging lifestyle, Boyle has no plans to return to civilization. He says the time he has spent away from money has been the happiest of his life.